House W1

Floor plan of master suite addition.
Floor Plan of Master Suite Addition.


With a growing family, the Owner had a clear vision of the new master suite they wished to add to their home. My job was to make that happen in a clear and concise way via project documentation. This assists the Owners in receiving the space they want by clearly communicating their desires with the contractor.

Side Elevation - Before Addition (photo courtesy of Owner)
Side Elevation – Before Addition (photo courtesy of Owner)


Roof plan showing the extent of existing construction and incorporation of the new construction.
Roof Plan Showing the Extent of Existing Construction and Incorporation of the New Construction.


One elevation showing the area of work and compliance with the WSEC.
One Elevation Showing the Area of Work and Compliance With the WSEC.


One building section clarifying WSEC requirements for insulation.
One Building Section Clarifying WSEC Requirements for Insulation.