Rental Remodel

Remodel 5

One of the “genre’s” of studio point253’s work involves residential remodels for Owner’s that purchase homes to maintain as rentals.  Part of our job is taking in to account a very tight budget that allows the Owner to make their margins (a tough go in a hot market such as ours) yet set their rental apart from others to generate greater interest from a unique clientele.

This remodel was a complete gut.  We raised the ceiling a foot and placed the drywall on top of the new rafter ties to create visual interest in a small space.  In addition, a non-load bearing wall was removed to create an open living space – a requirement in such a small home.  Closets were removed and wardrobes were installed to create flexibility for the future tenants.

Note that landscaping and some additional work is still under way.



Faith Lutheran Classroom Addition

Faith Lutheran Preschool-1st Grade

It’s always really exciting when you starting putting “pen to paper” in this business.  In this case, and in today’s times, this pen to paper really becomes “plan to modeling.”

For this project we are designing a two phase three room school house for Faith Lutheran Ministries.  They are such a blessing to work with and like all of my clients so far, I am constantly thankful for their presence in our life!

There will be many iterations of this design over the next couple of months I’m sure, but I’m loving this initial take on it so much – it had to be shared.

Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by!


Mullen Maxi – Revision 2

Any project undergoes multiple revisions as you proceed through the design, permitting, bidding, and construction process.  The key is to reduce the number of revisions at each stage.

As you may have noticed, we started this project with very large single pane’s of glazing.  The next phase divided the windows and the design became steel rather than wood.  As we’ve started really pricing the project and dialing in our budget, the windows once again are being revised.  It’s beginning to look as though we may be returning to wood or even moving to fiberglass windows.  As with any type of product, each has its own unique positives and its own unique challenges.  What really matters is that the windows stay the same overall size, that any mullions do not occur between 56″-65″ (the average eye height of most North Americans as they stand or sit), and that the windows meet code requirements for both egress and energy.  This gives us a lot of leeway in our design and allows us to really control costs.

The other main item we have been working on is site design.  What will our landscape look like?  How does it feel as we move from street level down to the ground floor?  What is the experience walking from street level to the front door?  How can we respect our neighborhood aesthetic yet still achieve the more contemporary design we prefer?

As we ourselves wade through the process of finding and interviewing contractors and requesting, receiving and reviewing bids, I’m sure we will be looking at other aspects of the project and determining what work we will ultimately perform ourselves, and what work may just have to be put off until we can save more money.  Who needs a couch anyway?! Just kidding – we have a couch already…


House W2

This project was an addition and renovation to a single-family home.  The owners often gather with a large group of family and friends and were in need of additional space.  Additionally, they wished to have a relaxing area where they could install a swim spa.  Utilizing the existing attached garage and existing detached garage, we were able to add a natatorium and create an entirely new Master Suite complete with kitchen.  To replace the garage, which was used more as a shop than a vehicle storage space, we added a detached carport.  The carport required the separation due to existing location of the septic system and drainfield.

The new work allows for a spectacular connection to the water from the Master Suite and Kitchen.

More images and information available here.